The need to differentiate your specialty care

Despite increasing focus on health and wellness and population health management, there will always be a need for highly specialized care responsive to various disease states.

Health systems should evaluate the competitive market and identify those specialty areas where they can build a market-recognized leadership position through delivering high quality outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

Health systems that try to “be all things to all people” will be at a competitive disadvantage as patients will seek their care at high performing specialty care organizations.

Specialty care organizations need to be physician-centric.

The critical considerations

Physician-centric specialty care organizations will be designed to elevate the physician’s skills and reputation and make the physician’s ability to practice as easy as possible.

Standardized care model, “focused workshop” operations which deliver a high rate of output, and strong quality control will be hallmarks of physician-centric specialty care organizations.

Physicians in a market leading specialty care organization should have both academic and research-oriented pursuits to build their clinical expertise and reputation, with the specialty care organization providing support and opportunities for achieving eminence through research, speaking/writing and academic appointments.

Partnerships with players such as academic medical organizations, as well as acquisitions to create scale or add competencies, should be evaluated.

Governance and management is aligned with the overall health system, but sufficient autonomy exists to execute the specialty care organization strategy.

Branding leverages the overall health system brand, but also is designed to create a unique brand for the specialty care organization.

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